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This is the 153rd episode of unORDINARY.


After failing to negotiate with John from the night before, Remi had only one day to prepare her battle against the Joker. Knowing that defeating him would prove impossible, Remi settled for a much more probable goal; she would publically unmask the Joker and reveal his idenity to the entire school. On the night before the battle, Remi, Blyke, and Isen strategized a plan; while Remi would battle Joker head-on, Blyke and Isen would provide cover fire, allowing Remi to unmask the Joker and reveal his secret to the entire public. On the day of the battle, after applying some war paint on her face, Remi was prepared to battle the Joker and called out the wild card to face her.

Meanwhile, in a different classroom, Cecile was concerned that Remi knew the date of the battle, but John was confident in his victory. He already knew that Remi's plan would be to umask him in public. Cecile decided to trust John's judgement and offered to let him copy her ability, but John decided to pick a different ability instead. At some undetermined point, Cecile called Zeke over to have his ability copied by the Joker.

Equipped with Phase Shift and his trusty mask, Joker made his prescence known in the battlefield, and once Remi commanded all the other studnets to evacuate the area. With Blyke and Isen hiding atop one of the school rooftops, Remi engaged her battle against Joker. However, to Remi's surprise, Joker did not start off with Cecile's ability and was caught off guard by the Joker using Phase Shift. Forced to retaliate, Remi used her Lightning, and the Joker immediately copied her ability.

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