I think... by handing your title over to him... You'd actually be abandoning all responsibility...The Arlo I know would stand his ground! He'd stop blaming himself. He would move on and find a way to regain control over the situation.

- Elaine

This is the 152 episode of unORDINARY.


Unable to do anything to stop Joker's inevitable battle against Remi, Arlo sat on the school rooftop and recalled how Rei had asked him to take care of his younger sister. Even though he tried to minimize the damage by telling Remi to lose as quickly as possible, she did not heed his words, and Arlo was unable to stop her.

Arlo realized that he had pushed John in the current direction and was willing to have himself dethroned if it meant stopping the rampaging Joker. However, Elaine beleived that Joker would not simply stop at dethroning Arlo, and admonished the King for throwing in the towel; she told Arlo that if he gave up, he would be abandoning his responsbility as the King of Wellston. Though Arlo reponded with "Telling me how to do my job?", he began to ponder Elaine's words.

Meanwhile, in one of the school hallways, Remi's mind kept going back to her argument with John and how the high rankers were entitled and arrogant; she would witness this firsthand when she saw a lower rank student being bullied by a higher-tier. Remi chose to intervene with the argument and told the high ranker to simply let it go and move on, but in her mind, she began to question how she could fix such a broken system.

After school ended, John told Seraphina that Blyke has not been coming back to the dorm as of late, but Seraphina was not paying attention to her best friend. Instead, Seraphina was thinking about how both John and Arlo had been acting differently since her return and Arlo's statement about John being the Joker. When John noticed Seraphina was acting "spacey," and asked her what was wrong, she decided to confirm her suspicions by asking John if he actually was the Joker. Though John was initally taken aback by the question, both he and Seraphina dismissed the question as another one of Arlo's schemes.

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