Then I'll see you in two days.

- Remi


Despite Remi's noble intentions, John brushes her off as being naive, but Remi then points out his own hypocrisy by questioning him why he never did anything about this injustice himself. When John defended himself by claiming he was only acting up because the high tiers failed, Remi told him that his methods will only make the situation worse. She tried to convince him that reform is possible by telling him how her brother, Rei, managed to stop the violence while he was King. However, John believed that such a broken system could not be mended by peaceful means and coldly stated that people only accept change when it is beaten into them. He even went as far as to say that Rei was as "useless as every other high-ranker."

On top of rejecting her proposals, hearing John badmouth Rei caused Remi to become increasingly frustrated until she finally gave up. She then told John that she will see him in two days before angrily leaving the room, even brushing off Blyke and Isen when they asked her if she was alright.

That same night, in the Girls Dorm, Seraphina kept thinking back to Arlo saying "John is Joker." Seraphina dismissed the statement as Arlo trying to mess with her, but she had difficulty sleeping that night. When she woke up the next morning and told Elaine about Arlo's words, Elaine was shocked, but out of fear of John's wrath, Elaine told Seraphina, "Maybe Arlo mentioned it for a different reason?" However, Seraphina rejected Elaine's answer, beliving that Arlo was up to no good.

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