I'm here to talk.

- Remi

This is the 149th episode of unORDINARY.


While researching any potential weaknesses of John, Remi and Blyke were greeted by a battered and bruised Isen. Knowing that John was the one responsible for hurting Isen, Remi grew even more determined to stop the Joker's violent ways. Isen then told Remi about how the Joker was going to battle her in two days' time, giving the trio limited time to strategize.

Remi then switches the subject to how Isen was discovered and concludes that, similar to her seeing electrical currents, John can see ability auras. Since Isen had successfully spied on John on previous attempts, Remi believes she has found Joker's weakness: range; he cannot copy abilities outside his sensory range. They thus plan for Remi to engage Joker while Blyke snipes him from a safe distance.

However, Isen tells the two that Cecile has allied herself with Joker, giving him access to her ability at all times. Isen suggests they give up as they stand no chance against John, but Remi refused to let Joker continue his brutal beatdowns and decides to go talk to him, ignoring Blyke and Isen's claims of it being useless. Arriving at John's room just as he came back from a workout, the Joker angrily asked the Queen what she wanted, to which she answered that she wanted to talk.

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