Seraphina marches right up to Arlo and lets him know that she's sick of his games. For as long as she can remember, he's tried to destroy their friendship because it caused her to walk away from her role as Queen. Yet even after all his lies, his getting her suspended, his ambushing John at Turf Wars, he's still not satisfied. She doesn't understand why he's still trying to drive them apart with this Joker claim, especially considering that she can no longer cast the Royals in a bad light now that she's no longer qualified to be one. As far as she knows, John never did anything to merit such hostility from Arlo, who should be above such petty antagonism. She asks him, just once, to leave John in peace. Arlo, who had not lied about Joker, is reminded that he went after John because he caused Seraphina to leave the hierarchy as well. His drive to bring them both back blinded him to their wishes, and all his plans backfired on him. He's not at all surprised that Seraphina won't trust him, and gives up trying to convince her. Arlo apologizes for taking things too far, an act so uncharacteristic that Seraphina is left stunned.

Later that day, Cecile tries to get John to formulate a plan for dealing with Remi. John does not consider it worth his time, and Cecile's warnings about Remi's power and skill don't change this. Cecile points out that Remi was strong enough to best her, only for John to coyly remind her that he was as well. Unnerved, Cecile asks what John planned to do after he dealt with Arlo, but John decides to keep that information to himself. Just as Cecile begins griping on how strained this alliance is, John becomes aware of someone listening into their conversation on the other side of the wall. That someone is Isen, who becomes very unnerved by the sudden silence in the room. Without warning, he finds himself tied up by familiar glowing green ropes that burst out of the wall he was up against. Cecile brings the eavesdropper before John, who accuses him of spying for Remi. Isen denies the accusation, which earns him a pummeling from a skeptical John. Cecile cannot bear to watch this brutality. John gives Isen a message to bring back to Remi: in two days, he'll crush her. John adds a warning just for Isen: if he's caught snooping again, his legs will be broken.

Remi is going over John's records from New Bostin with Blyke, who can't believe that John was already stronger than Arlo is today. Remi only silently frets.

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