John is Joker.

- Arlo

This is the 147th episode of unORDINARY.


In the cafeteria, Seraphina is eating lunch alone until she's approached by Evie and a boy she doesn't recognize. Evie introduces him as her friend Terrence. She asks if he could join them for lunch, which Seraphina doesn't mind. A while later, Evie asks Terrence about his club meeting. He replies that ever since Isen was put in charge, the school newspaper has gotten bland. Several other members complained about his conservative choice in article publication, as if he were trying to divert everyone's attention from an obvious crisis. At this point Roland joins the group for lunch, sitting down next to Seraphina after she makes room for him. Evie wonders aloud why no articles about Joker have been written. Seraphina's interest is piqued when the others mention how they rely more on the paper to stay informed on such things as opposed to rumours. Terrence confirms that the several members of the press have written articles about Joker, but Isen turns every single one down. Terrence believes Isen is deliberately trying to keep Joker out of the paper, to everyone's confusion. Roland chimes that this is cause for even greater concern. Terrence adds that while he may only seem to be climbing the ranks now, there's no guarantee he won't deviate from this goal and attack students at random, preserving his anonymity all the while. Roland tells the group that he witnessed Joker in action, explicitly detailing how his opponents were stabbed several extra times after being defeated. Roland apologizes for ruining his friends' appetites, but wishes that Remi and Arlo would resolve the problem soon. Seraphina ponders over her friends' discussion. Later on, she brings up the subject during her exercise session with John, asking if he's concerned about the situation. He says no and returns the inquiry. She tells him that her new friends are worried about the attacks becoming more random. John says they're blowing things out of proportion, to which Seraphina points out all the reasons they justify their concern. John argues that what Joker does is hardly new. They know from experience that weaker students to the infirmary all the time by stronger students they don't know. Seraphina concedes he has a point, lamenting that everyone in their situation isn't as brave as he is. John tells her that there's little point in overthinking the matter, as the situation can only get so bad for those with little to lose. He adds that he hopes that Joker succeeds in his mission, remarking that he wouldn't mind Arlo getting beat. Seraphina admits that while that does sound satisfying, she's concerned about the harm Joker would have inflict on Remi first. John expresses no sympathy for this particular fear, but Seraphina begins their workout without noticing his dark expression. The next day, Seraphina is walking outside the school building when she sees Arlo in her way. He asks for a moment of her time, which she refuses to give him. Even his insistence that it's important is dismissed as just another of his machinations involving the Royals. She wants nothing to do with him, especially now that she's powerless. Before she can get away from him, he tells her that John is Joker, and that she needs to talk to him. Incensed by this outrageous claim, she warns Arlo to leave John out of this mess.


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