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Arlo's apology leaves John stunned. Soon enough, surprise turns to anger as John declares that an apology won't undo the pain Arlo caused him. Arlo offers to do anything possible to make amends, but the peace offering is also rejected. John sees it as a transparent attempt to save the heirarchy rather than a change of heart born out of remorse. John makes it clear that, for destroying his life, Arlo would have to watch as everything he holds dear is torn down and live with it for the rest of his days. Arlo demands to know why John dragging innocent students into their conflict, only for John to remind him of his petty attempt to drag others back into the hierarchy. John points out that he's only doing what Arlo wanted in the first place and climbing the ranks. He tells Arlo to wait until after Remi was defeated for his turn to lose. At these words, Arlo demands that they settle this here and now, but John refuses to be baited. He gives Arlo the chance to attack him without retaliation, but warns him of potential witnesses. What would other students think if they saw the King wasting time attacking a cripple while Joker  continues to run rampant? The threat to his already dwindling reputation scares Arlo into backing down. John drives home the point that Arlo was no longer in control of the situation, and to just accept that he would have to wait. With that, John leaves Arlo to contemplate the impending consequences of their combined actions.

Later that night at the dormitories, Blyke sits on his bed in deep thought. For all the ability training he's undergone recently, he's only able to execute the Energy Beam finger technique through three of his fingers. Frustrated with the slow progress of his training, Blyke wonders how Joker was able to masterfully utilize such a difficult technique so quickly. He speculates that Joker has been hiding in plain sight, closely observing the other students and analyzing their abilities with a keen eye. Despite the danger this versatile fighter poses, Blyke remains dedicated to the goal of exposing him.

Blyke begins to mull over the limits Joker's ability may have. He deduces that the copied abilities aren't retained permanently, given that he didn't start their fight with Isen's Hunter ability. Just as he wonders what Joker is like once his copied ability wears off, he hears his roommate enter their dorm. He goes to greet him, only to have a horrifying realization. John demands to know why Blyke is staring at him. Blyke claims it's nothing, and excuses himself under the pretense of having homework to do. John silently wonders what really went through Blyke's head.

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