This is the 143rd episode of unORDINARY.


Students are gathered around the windows watching a fight between Joker and Cecile. By the time Otis gets a view of the battle, Cecile is already defeated. Even so, Joker lashes at her with his own Energy Rope, slamming her into a wall. Cecile tells him he has no need to take this any further, but he ignores the suggestion and uses several pointed ropes to skewer her. She falls over, unconscious and with the ropes still sticking out of her. Joker then turns to the onlookers in school and scares them by making a throat-slitting gesture.

Later that day, Seraphina is walking down the hall when she overhears two girls discussing the Royals and their failure to stop Joker. The blonde one wonders whether the Royals are intimidated by Joker as well. The orange-haired girl tries to dismiss this possibility by pointing out that since Joker is only gradually attacking the ranked students from lowest to highest, it's likely that he's too scared to go after Arlo directly. They both have confidence that Remi will be the one to stop him. Seraphina wonders why she bothers trying to follow news about Joker, since she is unable to do anything about it.

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