I only have two options? Either let myself be beaten now or be beaten later.

- Seraphina

This is the 140th episode of unORDINARY.


Seraphina and Evie are walking along a route not often traveled on their way to meet up with Evie's friend Roland. They come across him being bullied by a mid-tier named Clio. Seraphina's recent experiences make her hesitant to intervene. On the other hand, Seraphina's example inspires Evie to charge in and tackle Clio. Clio punches Evie and tells her off for interfering. She then notices Seraphina standing nearby, and arrogantly asks if she wants some of the same. Seraphina weighs her two options: get beaten now or later. Neither is fair, so she begins fighting back. Clio is knocked down, but she gets back up and punches Seraphina while her back is turned.

The blow wasn't powerful, yet Seraphina is left disoriented. Clio keeps attacking her until Evie gets back on her feet and covers the bully's eyes with her hands and activates her ability. Now Clio is disoriented, giving Seraphina an opening to land one last punch on her face. With the lower-tiers now standing together against her, Clio angrily storms off. Evie and Roland are ecstatic about this victory, while Seraphina isn't as proud of fighting off a mid-tier. Evie formally introduces Seraphina to Roland, who asks how she was able to fight so well. Seraphina tells him that she learned form her friend John, and offers to ask him to teach the two of them. They ask Seraphina to instruct them instead, as they recall being coldly rebuffed by John when they tried to befriend him once before. This is puzzling to Seraphina, who has a contrary perception of her best friend. She says she'll talk to him and clear this up.

Inside the school building, John and Cecile are planning the next phase of John's mission. Cecile questions John's slow approach, only to be told to keep quiet and follow orders. Cecile asks who John's next target is, and is shocked when he answers it's her. John laughs at Cecile's horrified expression, who is angry at what seems like a sick joke. Hilarity aside, John makes it clear he was being serious. John needs to be thorough in order to make his presence known, and it just so happens that Cecile is the next-highest ranking student.

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Notes & Trivia

  • This chapter marks the glorious return of John's hair gel, featured in Evie and Roland's never-before-seen feature flashback.
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