One's thing for sure though. He's on the same level as the Royals! Yeah, people are even callimg him Joker.

- Unnamed Wellston students

This is the 139th episode of unORDINARY.


Arlo is walking down the corridor when he overhears some students' heated discussion regarding a mysterious student who single-handedly took down Isen and Blyke, also mentioning that people are now even calling him "Joker".

The scene changes to the infirmary, where Blyke wakes up after his injuries to see Isen and Remi. Despite his severe injuries, Blyke attempts to get out of bed, but is restrained by Remi. Blyke expresses worry and frustration about the situation. The trio have a discussion analysing Joker's ability, coming to the conclusion not he is not only skilled in hand-to-hand combat but his ability also allowed him to have an amplified rather than mirrored ability of the opponent, as well as hold four amped abilities at a time. They attempt to strategise a way to beat Joker.

On the rooftop, Arlo stares out into space. He is soon joined by Isen, who has come to seek advice on what to do. Arlo seems resigned to the fact that Joker is in fact, unbeatable, and dismisses Isen, saying they should let things run its course. Isen brings up some information about how John was like back in New Bostin, and Arlo finally blows a fuse, taking out some of his anger on Isen, before concluding that it was too late to do anything now. Isen objects, insisting that there must be a way out.

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