What's under that mask?

- Blyke

This is the 138th chapter of unOrdinary.


Blyke is walking outside of Wellston when the masked student appears behind him. Inside the adjacent building, students catch sight of the two outside and gather around the windows to watch.

Blyke gets angry because the masked student has been causing chaos and fear around the school, and has also beat up Isen. Remembering Abel's account of the student, Blyke decides to try fighting the masked student without giving him an ability to copy. He attempts to unmask the student, but discovers that his opponent is trained in hand-to-hand combat. What's more, the student has gotten a strength ability beforehand. While Blyke curses himself for not anticipating this scenario, the onlookers inside wonder why Blyke isn't using his ability.

Blyke asks what the masked student wants, but the silent student isn't interested in conversation. Blyke barely dodges a punch thrown at him and counters with a blow to his opponent's stomach. The masked student catches Blyke's next punch and forces him to the ground in a strength-enhanced arm lock. In order to keep his arm from being snapped, Blyke is forced into firing an Energy Beam to free himself. Knowing that his opponent now has his ability in his arsenal, Blyke cuts loose with a barrage of Energy Beam attacks. Even as the masked student evades the attacks with his own Energy Beam propulsions, the onlookers cheer Blyke on, anticipating the Jack's victory.

Blyke puts his all into one final big wave attack, but the masked student dodges by sliding underneath it and moves into position for a counter. Blyke is caught by surprise when his opponent generates ten finger beams and shoots him. Next, the student rushes up and elbows him in the face. Blyke weakly tries to stand, but the masked student isn't finished with him. As a final blow, the victorious student drives his fist into Blyke's back, knocking him out. His work done, the masked student runs away. The once-cheering students had fallen silent, unnerved by what they just witnessed.

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