So, if this guy can just copy whatever ability he runs the hell are we supposed to identify him? He could be anyone!

- Blyke

This is the 133rd episode of unORDINARY .


Remi and Blyke are walking in the hallway when they overhear students talking about the mysterious masked student. They hear of the multiple abilities, one of which is Explosion which Remi has apparently heard about-- it's Abel's "Rooftop Guy" ability. They go to the rooftop to ask Abel, but they find him lying on the ground, bleeding and unconscious.

Blyke picks him and he wakes here. Remi asks him about what happened and Abel tells them what he knows, and about how the student could mirror abilities. Remi and Blyke ponder about this and bring him to the infirmary.

John arrives back in his dorm. Blyke greets him and tells him not to worry about the masked student as he would take care of the matter. John brushes him off saying he isn't worried.

Later, John consoles Seraphina further while they are walking in the hallway. Seraphina complains that it was not fair that low-tiers could not defend themselves, and John puts in that it was just the way the world worked "right now". At this moment a green-haired dude teases Seraphina about her being a cripple when Cecile arrives and trips him and reprimands him for making noise early in the morning, then leaves. Seraphina is puzzled at Cecile's stepping in.

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