Everything was going the way I wanted. Until you tired to force me back into the rankings.

- John

This is the 132nd episode of unORDINARY and the first episode of the Joker arc.


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Dr. Darren is texting Leilah. Remi and Blyke leave the infirmary. John is in the infirmary sitting next to Seraphina as she is resting on a bed. Arlo is standing over both of them and he asks John if they can have "A word".

He asks John why he attacked Isen, and that Isen was helping them find Seraphina. John asks why he was looking for her when he had been told that Arlo wasn't going to help. John then tells Arlo not to tell him to fix things and then get mad at him when things don't go the way that he wanted them to. John calls Isen two- faced, and that he had only been kind to him after Isen had found out that John had a power. Arlo tells John to stop attacking everyone. John responded by looking at Arlo and asking who was going to stop him. John brings up that Arlo had dragged him into the field and that before that everything had gone fine. He explains that he wants a life away from hierarchy but then Arlo tried to force him in his place. Arlo then tells John that he can't hide forever and that he can't neglect his position.

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John then grabs Arlo's collar and tells him to f*ck off. He then calls Arlo's hierarchy system "his kingdom". He yells that all Arlo has to do is let him stay where he is, and he would let Arlo keep his throne. Arlo says that no one has a choice and that everyone is born into their position and that things would be easier for him if John used his power. John disagrees says that he enjoyed his life without powers.John calls Arlo the problem and every other person who is part of the system. John says "You want me to do something, Arlo? Then fine. I will. I'll start by tearing down your precious system." Arlo asks him how he will do it, but John merely tells Arlo to enjoy his throne while it lasts.

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