I'm not the Ace anymore. It's just as they said. I'm powerless now. You're not obligated to treat me in any particular way.

- Seraphina to Elaine

This is the 131st episode of unORDINARY


Seraphina is in the infirmary with Arlo and Elaine. Elaine expresses her indignation at the students responsible, but Seraphina soberly reminds her that she was no longer the Ace. Elaine attempts to comfort her that her ability would return but Seraphina seems to have already accepted the fact that she is completely powerless, saying that she had taken for granted her power and authority, and that she "deserved to live like this".

John bursts into the infirmary looking for Sera. He is surprised to see Arlo and Elaine. Seraphina apologises about not being strong enough, but John hugs her and comforts her.

The scene cuts to Doc who is checking his phone. Remi and Blyke burst into the infirmary looking for Isen. Isen is obviously embarrassed at being seen so defeated, At this moment Remi opens the curtain seperating Seraphina and Isen's beds, and is surprised to see Arlo, Elaine and Seraphina. Remi questions Isen on the guy who had fought him, but Isen keeps his mouth shut when he sees Arlo and John's threatening glares of death. After Isen's insistence that they leave, Remi and Blyke oblige, and feel that Isen is acting weird.

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