As Wellston's true Queen,
this is your responsibility!

- Arlo to Seraphina

This is the 13th episode of unOrdinary.


Seraphina returns from John's apartment with the copy of unOrdinary that John gave her. Upon her arrival, Elaine criticizes Seraphina for hanging out with John. She claims that she is making herself look bad by hanging out with a cripple.

Later Arlo comes to Seraphina's dorm to convince her for a match of Turf Wars. At first she declines, but she joins after hearing that Remi is unable to make it. The chapter ends with Seraphina (Ace), Arlo (King), Blyke (Jack) and, Elaine (Healer) on a train to the Turf Wars competition with Arlo smirking suspiciously.

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  • Remi is revealed to be the Queen of Wellston.

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