You fools abducted a student... ...and left her alone for an entire night?! How dare you?

- Arlo to Hower

This is the 128th episode of unORDINARY.


The chapter starts with Arlo cornering Hower about Seraphina's whereabouts. Hower is scared and surprised by being cornered by the King (rightfully so). He notices Evie as he asks what's going on.

As Arlo gets the information he's looking for, Seraphina is being held at 12 Baston Street and Arlo is visibly enraged by this. Arlo and his group leave Hower after Arlo promises to deal with him when they get back.

Cecile overheard this however, and smiles to herself before running off to find John.

She does so, and calls him by his name, effectively getting his attention, his ability is still activated and he's still running around campus. Cecile introduces herself, and explains that Seraphina isn't on campus, as John had thought. She tells him that she can take him there and he wordlessly accepts the invitation.

The chapter then cuts to Seraphina, still tied up, with the group of students still tormenting her. We cut to a quick flashback about Seraphina's sister, and the chapter cuts out with two students just arriving at the house where Seraphina is.

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