Give me a freaking break, John!

- Arlo, to himself

This is the 127th episode of unORDINARY.


Arlo receives an update from Meili, informing him of the four students seen escorting Seraphina away from school along with their descriptions. Arlo deduces that the students must know each other well and tried to contact Isen about it since he knew about Wellston's cliques. However, Isen does not pick up and Arlo wonders why.

Meanwhile, Cecile recalls in frustration how hypocritical Arlo was. He was always preached about order but still wanted to be King despite John was stronger than him. A student with pale lavender-blue hair runs up to Cecile, informing her that Seraphina had gone missing since yesterday, and Arlo's team was searching for her. Cecile realizes that this is why John was taking action and ponders giving him a hand.

The scene changes to Elaine asking around for Seraphina's whereabouts. Just here, the student that Seraphina had saved earlier overhears and approaches Elaine and tells her that she might know something about Seraphina's disappearance. Elaine immediately grabs her and drags her somewhere.

Meili is searching outside of the school building when she overhears students talking about Isen getting pummeled by a mystery guy with multiple abilities at the East Courtyard. Meili suspects it could be John and frantically rushes to Isen's aid.

Arlo looks through a stack of papers with Wellston students' photos and names, having circled all those that fit descriptions Ventus managed to obtain. When he receives a notification from Meili that she had found Isen knocked out, likely by John, Arlo presses the table in annoyed outrage, wondering why John was always causing trouble like that. At this moment Elaine drags the girl with pink hair into the room. The girl explains to them about Seraphina's fight with Hower, and upon further questioning, describes Hower's friends and their constant bullying of the weaker students. Arlo asks Elaine if she knew that this was going on and Elaine admits that she does not pay much attention to the lower ranks. The girl adds that no one really does, but they were already "used to it".

Arlo asks the girl to help pick out Hower and his friends from the papers and for her to bring Arlo to one of them. Indeed she does as Arlo stops Hower in the hallway, requesting to have a word with him.

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