So this is the power of the Shadow King!

- Cecile, to herself

This is the 126th episode of unORDINARY.

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Isen gets randomly attacked by a mysterious student in a black mask. Thinking that the student is trying to challenge his rank, he asks the student of his current rank. The student responds by firing projectiles at him, Isen dodges and charges towards him, using his ability to target his heart and land a punch there, sending him flying. Isen comes down to punch him again, the student rolls to a side but gets hurt. Isen is ready to let the student off, saying "there's no point in continuing the fight" since he was "the clear winner".

When the student heals himself, Isen is surprised and decided to finish the student off once and for all. To his shock the student copies him by punching him at the heart and sending him flying into a wall. Isen then puts two and two together and figures out that it is John. After realizing this, Isen tries to offer to help him but is instead brutally beat down until he is unconscious.

Wellston students from within the building watch in curiosity and surprise at this strange student. Cecile notices the mystery guy and deduces it, in delight, as none other than the Shadow King John.

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