“Catch me later. I’m busy.”

- Isen to John

This is the 125th episode of unORDINARY.


While classes start, we see Tanner and Rouker walking in the hallway chatting about, skipping classes. Then out of nowhere, a “mysterious” student, with a black mask, tackles Tanner. Tanner tells the “mysterious” student to get off, of him, while Rouker tries to help Tanner. The ”mysterious” student punches Tanner over and over again, until Tanner tells Rouker to do something. Rouker angrily shoots his projectiles out of his hands to protect his beat up friend, but the unknown student dodges quickly. Tanner then, soon notices that the kid came beat up already, and tells him to think before you attack. Tanner heals himself, as if nothing had happened to him. The “mysterious” student mimics Tanners ability and heals himself. Almost instantly, right after Tanner realizes that this “mysterious” student has the same ability as himself, Rouker is hit with a projectile. Tanner then tries to punch him but misses, the “mysterious” student kicks Tanner, and punches him. Tanner rengenerates, but the “unknown“ student destroys him. 

After the class had ended, Ventus and a student talks about how, she had saw Seraphina the other day walking off, with four others but didn’t think too much of it. Ventus finds this information helpful and is to be told to Arlo. 

The “mysterious“ student appears to be on the rooftop, having Abel laying on the ground beat up. The “mysterious” student scans the school to find anyone that may be held accountable of Seraphina, but comes across Isen. As Isen is about to tell Arlo and the rest of the group to expand the search, he gets interrupted by the “mysterious” student. Isen then tells the “stranger” that he doesn't have time for a rank match and simply walks away. The “unknown” student shoots his missiles at Isen, trying to get his attention. Isen realizing that he doesn't have a choice, activates his ability and starts the fight. 

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