Why am I putting up with all this again?
No one ever listens.
No one ever cares.
In the end....
Power is the only thing that matters

- John comes to a realization

This is the 124th episode of unORDINARY.


The chapter opens with Arlo meeting with Elaine, Ventus and Meili. Arlo informs them of Seraphina's mysterious disappearance the night before and, assign them to search different school halls and update him every half hour. (He also reveals that he has instructed Isen to do so as well.)

Meanwhile, John runs down the school hallway, mentally cursing Arlo for not obeying him, even after "kick[ing] [his] ass". He proceeds to check several rooms, the infirmary (leaving a mystified Doc), the cafeteria, the library and finally the rooftop, where he is forcibly kicked out by the student who had kicked out John and Seraphina previously when they were training. [1]

When the school bell rings, during what seems like after school hours, Elaine, Ventus, Meili and Isen are searching for Seraphina. When they do not find her and inform Arlo of this, he wonders if she could be off school grounds.

John continues charging down the hallway when two girls trips him over and tell him sadistically that he should not be running in hallways. Pissed at this, John punches the girl in the face and holds her up against the lockers, while her friend tries to stop him. He punches her too, and when everyone stares at him, he threatens to beat everyone up. Another green-haired guy comes up and slams him into the lockers, telling him that it was "just a prank". When John yells that he was looking for Sera, Green-hair says that there are plenty of other strong students for him to leech off, and even sarcastically offers himself. John tries to hit Green-hair again but misses, and John gets beat up again and left there. John silently goes through a jumbled string of thoughts and came to the conclusion that power was the only thing that mattered. The chapter ends with his eyes glowing.

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  1. Chapter 110


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