"You're leeching off me...Just like how you leeched off Seraphina. You're greedy."

- Arlo, to John

This is the 123rd episode of unORDINARY.


Early in the morning, an irritated Elaine answers the knocking on her dorm's door, thinking that it was Remi, Blyke and Isen again. She is shocked and horrified to find instead an angry-looking John standing outside. John immediately asks about Seraphina's whereabouts. Despite Elaine's claim that Seraphina did not return to the dorm last night and she did not know where she was, John barged into her dorm and went to Seraphina's room directly, only to find no one.

The scene changes to Holden telling Arlo to loosen up, while Arlo responds that he is fine. At this moment, Elaine rushes up to them and asks to speak in private with Arlo. Elaine brings him to a corner of the school where John is waiting. When Arlo sees him, he refuses to talk to John firmly and is about to leave when Elaine grabs hold of him and tells him about Seraphina's mysterious disappearance. Arlo looks towards John and remarks on how John and Seraphina spend so much time together but yet John could let her disappear.

John gets angry at this and yells that Arlo was not competent enough to stop the news from spreading, and Arlo responds that she was the one who exposed herself and he was already doing his best to cover up for her while they did nothing about it. When John brushes this off as "excuses" and called him a worthless King, Arlo snaps at this and grabs his collar. Elaine intervenes here saying they need to find Seraphina and John agrees with this, commanding Arlo to go find her. Arlo refuses to, telling John to find Seraphina herself since he called himself more capable. After John resorts to punching Arlo in the face, Arlo tells him off for his leeching behaviour, wanting authority but not the burden.

Arlo leaves along with Elaine. Elaine comments that they still should not abandon Seraphina and Arlo agrees, and proceeds to contact Isen, Ventus and Meili to help with the search. Meanwhile, John runs off to find Seraphina himself.

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