We're sick of being treated like dirt!

- Illena

This is the 122nd episode of unORDINARY.

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When Illena continues to mock and torment her, Seraphina makes a comment on how two-faced the students were to kiss up to her when she was powerful and beat her down after. Illena responds with how they were fed up with having to bow down to her and get scorned because she was more powerful than them. Illena declares Seraphina's ability loss "a miracle" to give her a taste of how the rest of the students felt.

After getting kicked down once again, Seraphina feels absolutely humiliated, struggling to think of a way out. She calls them "a bunch of cowards" for beating her up while she was tied down, and tell them to face her head on instead. The students accept this proposal and Illena makes her a deal: to let her go if she could beat any one of them. After she loses terribly to two students, they are obviously unimpressed and call it a day. They leave her tied up for the night.

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