You're not the same Seraphina as you once were!

- Illena

This is the 121st episode of unORDINARY.


John is waiting for Seraphina after school. Wondering about her whereabouts, he tries calling her, but the number turned out to be unavailable. He thinks that it's weird, but he heads for the dorms himself anyway.

On the way, Blyke attempts striking up a friendly conversation with him again, but John rejects all of Blyke's advances. Blyke tries to start over on a clean slate, but John rebukes him coldly and walks off.

Back in the dorm, John tries texting Sera again. When he finally gets a reply, he is ecstatic, but notices that the way she had responded to his texts was strange.

The scene changes to a bleeding Seraphina bound to a chair in a dark room, with a large crowd of Wellston students. Illena stands in front of her, holding up Sera's phone. Irked by John's incessant texts, she smashes the phone underfoot. When Sera snaps at this, Illena uses punches Sera in the gut, causing her to cough. The chapter ends here.

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