We're the same now.

- Seraphina

This is the 120th episode of unORDINARY.


The chapter opens with a flashback of Seraphina just after training in the park with John. While resting on the bench, John gives Sera advice on living as a cripple: to bluff your way out of situations, but to be ready if you get called out. He adds that fights should be observed and chosen wisely, since it is risky for cripples to take on those with abilities. John also assures Sera that as long as she reacted faster than the opponent, she stood a chance of winning.

Jumping to the present, Sera stands over fallen Hower. Hower attacks her a couple more times but Sera defends them well, leaving him trembling in agony. Hower refuses to admit full defeat however, and insults her. After Sera smacks his face again, Hower promises she would pay for what she did to him, and runs off. Sera is obviously unimpressed by Hower's threat. The victim girl asks if Sera's arm is alright, but Sera waves it off and leaves.

A visibly upset Arlo finds Remi in the corridor and drags her off to talk. With his concern, Arlo progressively gets angrier as he peppers her with questions about her Superhero identity and lectures her for her idiocy in handling the EMBER situation. Remi endures the berating in silence, but snaps at Arlo's demand that she give the information to the authorities and have them settle it. Objecting this harshly, she leaves the room, leaing Arlo to wonder why everyone was so stupid as to not follow order.

The scene changes to Sera waiting for John outside the school. Hower approaches her ominously with a group of people following him.

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