FANDOM've been hiding your secret identity from me...and you're secretly a Superhero?

- John, jokingly

This is the 119th episode of unORDINARY.


Seraphina speaks to Remi about EMBER in the latter's dorm. Remi first tells Sera she should not count on the authorities, and Sera agrees. Upon Sera's questioning, Remi also recounts the incident where her, Blyke and Isen chased after the ability gauger at the mall [1]. When Sera is about to leave, Remi also hastily adds that she had discovered there was an ability amplifier, the opposite of the drug that Sera had been victim to. Although not mentioning it, Sera notices that Remi does not move her right arm at all when she speaks.

Sera later meets with John in the hallway. She tells John of Remi's demonstrated conviction that the anonymous group that had attacked Sera was linked to EMBER, but both of them are not entirely convinced as EMBER went exclusively after Superheroes. John ironically teases Sera about possibly hiding her identity as a Superhero. Sera decides to skip class and they plan to meet up after school to practice more reps.

While Sera is walking down the corridor, she comes across Hower bullying someone for not doing his assignment for him properly. Sera steps in to save the victim. Hower thinks that he is lucky and gleefully goes to take Sera down. To his surprise Sera parries the strike and punches him in the side of his face, sending him sprawled to the floor. The chapter ends here.  

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