I don't want to lose you guys.

- Blyke

This is the 118th episode of unORDINARY.


After the encounter with Volcan, Blyke, Isen and an injured Remi arrive back to the Wellston Girls Dorms. Knocking on Elaine's door, Blyke urgently requests the healer's assistance without giving much information, arising suspicion from a nearby Seraphina. Blyke than pulls the healer towards Remi's dorm room. Upon entry, Elaine discovers the extent of the injuries, bearing witness to Remi's scorched arm, stab wound and multiple bruises/ scratches.  

During the healing process, Remi wakes up and asks if Volcan was captured, the answer sparking a massive debate between the dynamic trio regarding the continuation of the EMBER investigation. This leads to Isen leaving the investigation on bad terms with Remi and Blyke indecisive about continuing. Remi still wants the footage of Volcan from Isen, and Blyke stops her, asking Elaine to taker care of Remi. Once finished with the healing process, Elaine leaves Remi to recover and pulls up her phone to call Arlo

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