With an ability-disabling drug on top of a power-dampener, anything is possible. Abilities become irrelevant.

- John

This is the 114th episode of unORDINARY.


Seraphina drags a reluctant John along for shopping at Kovoro Mall. They both get new phones, then Sera goes to pick clothes. Bored, John offers to buy them drinks when he spots a shop selling masks.

He returns to the clothes shop with the drinks and Sera finally decides on something. When walking out, they notice that the Ability Gauge Vendor is gone, replaced by a bench. The duo sit there and contemplate the identity of the mysterious attackers. Sera decides to later speak with Remi.

Back in his dorm, John is looking for his phone charger when he discovers, to his surprise, a black mask from the shop he looked at earlier.

Appearing Characters

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