I'll mow through this, just like I do with everything else!

- Seraphina

This is the 113th episode of unORDINARY.


Arlo meets Holden (his Blue-haired Friend from earlier) at the school gates. Holden informs him of Juni's severe injury, shortly after Zeke's. Holden also tells him of the school's suspicion that Arlo could have been the culprit, though Arlo knows that it was likely John. Holden states the need for Arlo to step in and stabilise the situation, yet notes Arlo's recent seeming disconnection. The scene ends with Arlo pondering this.

The next scene shows Seraphina moping around about her ability loss. However, she thinks about John's encouragement and she determinedly decides to practice the combo John had taught her, even dragging Elaine along to practice with her.

The next morning, John and Sera are walking down the school hallway, when she proposes that they go to the mall together later since she needed some new clothes. John hesitates to agree, while overhearing of some rumors of Juni's injury. John then tries to convince Sera not to worry about that, telling her she would never be targeted. The episode ends with them heading to class.

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