I don't know what I did to deserve this... ...but whatever it is, I'm sorry!

- Juni

This is the 112th episode of unORDINARY.


The mysterious man with a paper bag over his head attacks Juni , and she is taken aback by the man's speed and skill. Even with her ability, Juni struggles to pick an option before deciding on trying to trick him. She tries to make a grab for his paper bag mask, but he seems to know what her plan is, and slaps her hand away. The attacker lands a punch to Juni's face and follows up with a kick that sends her down the stairs (much like what she had done to Seraphina). She struggles to get back on her feet before making a break for it as the masked attacker look on.

She escapes to the cafeteria, forcing her way into the crowd in an attempt to hide. She eyes the door nervously, only to get mocked by everyone when John (without the bag) enters. Thinking that the mysterious man had given up chasing her, Juni leaves the cafeteria. John sits alone at a table. After witnessing Heinz and Yuline using their abilities, he gets up and activates his ability once more before continuing his pursuit.

Juni decides to keep her ability active until the end of the period in order to see her attacker coming. To her horror, she does see him, only he's gotten much faster. By the time she turns round he's closed the distance between them and drives his elbow into her face. She falls to the ground, coughing up blood, then gets picked up by her collar. She begs the masked attacker to let her go, saying she's not sure what she did to deserve this beating, but is really sorry all the same. She promises to keep this incident a secret, but the attacker is unmoved by her words and raises his fist. Terrfied, Juni offers to do anything he wants, but he slams his fist in her face. He punches her a second time, which knocks her to the ground unconscious. He kicks her down the hall before deciding he's finished and leaves.

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Notes and Trivia

  • In this chapter it's revealed that John can decide whether or not to copy the powers since, as evidenced by the statistics, the recovery was one while for the same statistic the ability of Juni was two.
    • It is also possible that, since his eyes were not glowing when he entered the cafeteria, John had deactivated his ability and lost access to the Flash Forward he had copied earlier as a result.
  • Catch Up and Clobber are the only abilities that do not give off a black aura when John is replicating them (though John was giving off a black aura the moment before he used these abilities to attack Juni).
    • When copying Flash Forward, John's eyes glowed the usual amber color, but the emanata that John emanated when Juni reached for his bag was black.


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