I want to be able to at least defend myself a little bit.

- Seraphina to John

This is the 110th episode of unORDINARY.


Isen tells Remi and Blyke of Cecile's firing and his new position as head of the school newspaper. The trio make plans to blow up X-Rei in the news to get EMBER to notice them, and plan another target by the name of Alana.

The next morning, Blyke is surprised to see that John left the dorm early. It turns out that John is waiting for Seraphina, and has given up gelling his hair (a welcomed decision for the fans). Sera admits that she couldn't sleep due to her ability loss and asks John to teach her how to defend herself without abilities. John agrees and takes her to the rooftop, where he shows her a parry and counterstrike.

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