Both of you need to grow up and accept reality!

- Arlo

This is the 105th episode of unORDINARY.


John is in the boys' dorm with a towel wrapped around his head, thinking helplessly about the previous day when Arlo had told him to fix Sera's problem of ability loss himself.

The next morning, Sera is walking to school, worrying about the negative results from the hospital on her ability loss and whether it would be permanent or not. John joins her shortly in her walk, while Zeke walks behind them, smiling suspiciously.

Later, Arlo is seen walking in the school hallway, pondering why all those more powerful than him did not keep order like they were supposed to and were all so foolish. He comes across Zeke beating up John and Sera, and deeming the action unacceptable, intervenes and shoos the crowd away. When they are gone, John sees Arlo standing around and yells at him to get Sera to the infirmary. Pissed off at John's attitude once the threat was gone, Arlo attacks John. Sera tells him to stop, but Arlo tells her she is a cripple and has no right to address him. He then takes his leave, leaving John and Sera there.

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