Yeah. I learned a lot.

- John

This is the 105th episode of unORDINARY.

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This chapter is a flashback of John's past, before transferring to Wellston.

The episode opens with John's memory flashback thanks to Keon's unnamed ability on his mind, as part of his readjustment course. When John returns to reality, he still does not regret his actions, instead continuing to insult the official. Keon proceeds to further drill the consequences of John's actions in New Bostin into his mind, telling him to take responsibility.

Three months later, John returns home to his dad deeply regretful of his actions and he spends a week holed up in his room. John's dad has just published a new book, titled Unordinary, and leaves it for John to read. John feels that while John's dad was trying to tell him that he should help others, John's power could not help anyone and he was instead corrupted by it. Thus he had chosen to play as a cripple, and "fade into the background".

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