Broven is Agwin High School's king.


Broven has long deep-puce hair tied behind his head and eucalyptus eyes. During the Turf War arc, he wore a brown jacket over a beige t-shirt and black trousers.


Broven is presumably not a patient person as the first thing he did when Arlo arrived was complain about his late arrival. He also is shown to care for his teammates and was seen holding and shouting for Rein.


Turf War Edit

Broven and his crew waited for Arlo's team to arrive on the battlefield. Upon their arrival, Broven commented that they were late even though Arlo was the challenger. The two then settled on one-on-one fights. During the fight between Blyke and Gou, Gou got badly injured and Broven had to call him out. Later, Arlo started to strangle Rein and even after Broven forfeited the match, he didn't release Rein which made Broven anxious and angry.[1] After Arlo was stopped by Seraphina, Broven stated that he had never witnessed a team fight itself before. Seraphina then, offered two options; continue and face Seraphina or forfeit and accept the loss. Broven chose the second option.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Not much of Broven's abilities are known, it can be assumed that he is one of the strongest students of Agwin due to his participation in the recent Turf War as his school's King[2] and in the previous Turf War when he was defeated by Seraphina as well as his presumed position as King of Agwin.


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