This is second bonus episode of unORDINARY. This episode provides further exposition on ability levels and tiers.


In a classroom somewhere, Uru-chan stands in front of a blackboard and begins her first lesson on the world of unORDINARY: Levels and Tiers.

First, she talks about ability level and reveals how it is determined: a person's innate inherited ability potential multiplied by their mastery of the ability, divided by ten. To illustrate, she compares Krolik's Lazor and Blyke's Energy Beam.

Then she shows the long sought-after tier chart, which divides people into one of four tiers (and one sub-tier) based on their ability level. Three (low-tier, mid-tier, high-tier) were already known, but two new ones (elite-tier and god-tier) are also introduced.

Finally, she asks her "class" if they have any questions. John is asleep, Seraphina is on her phone, Blyke, Remi, and Isen are playing cards, and only Elaine and Arlo appear to be listening. Arlo asks her where the next episode is and she tells the reader to keep scrolling down.

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  • This is the second Bonus Episode.
  • This is the first time elite-tiers and god-tiers are mentioned in-comic.

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