This is a bonus filler episode of unOrdinary. Unlike regular episodes, this one consists of ten mini-stories mostly in a more simplistic chibi art style.


1 - Introduction

uru-chan introduces three of the main characters of unORDINARY: Seraphina, who is super cool, John, the only person in the entire school who wears the school vest, and Arlo, one of the series' antagonists.

2 - App Store

uru-chan asks Seraphina to show her (and the readers) how to find new games, to which Seraphina directs her to the app store on her phone and searches for "Pigs".

3 - Scary Movie

Seraphina uses her ability to take an embarrassing photograph of John, who has been scared by the horror movie they are watching.

4 - L is for Loser

When Arlo asks Elaine to describe John for him, she says that he is "your typical loser" and even has an "L" on his forehead, referring to his trademark loose lock of hair.

5 - Childhood

A younger Blyke tries to imitate Son Goku's Kamehameha.

6 - Hot Chocolate

Isen asks Blyke if he wants hot chocolate, then tells him to go make it himself when Blyke becomes touched.

7 - Boob Envy

Seraphina enviously compares her breasts to Rein's sizeably larger ones :( .

8 - A Typical Day

Doctor Darren is doing some work on his computer when a green-haired student falls through the roof with a bloodied forehead. Exasperated, he thinks to himself that he needs a new job.

9 - Morning Routine

John gels his hair and shows us how he creates his signature forehead curl (Reference to Story 4). Many fans ARE annoyed by the fact that John didn't want to stop gelling his hair. AND they even made a petition to stop him! (but no gel means bad John though..)

10 - Petition

uru-chan hands John a huge list: the petition for him to stop gelling his hair. However, he outright refuses.

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  • This is the first bonus episode of unOrdinary.
  • This is the first in-story appearance of uru-chan's author avatar.
  • Isen imagined Arlo threatening him with a fork in Chapter 28, in a similar manner to the way he threatens uru-chan in the introduction. When Isen and Blyke first met Arlo, they disrespected him, causing Arlo to throw a metal fork at the wall behind them.
  • The bonus picture of Isen, Blyke, and Remi spending Christmas together might have been canon.[1]
  • The petition for John to stop gelling his hair is a reference to the multitude of comments supporting messy-haired John that appear in the comments section of almost every chapter.
    • Uru-chan finally lets John's hair down in Chapter 40


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