Blyke is a third-year student[1] at Wellston Private High School and the former Jack of the school. He is John's former roommate and is a dormant vigilante.


Blyke is a slightly tall, fair-skinned teenager with crimson hair and golden eyes. He is a 3rd year student at Wellston. While in school he wears the normal uniform, often without the jacket or the vest.

During the turf war against Agwin, he wore a grey singlet and black running shorts.

In the Christmas scenes, he wears a red Christmas sweater.

In Chapter 45 he wore a khaki Henley shirt and blue jeans.

During his trip to the mall with Isen and Remi, he wore a khaki vest, black t-shirt, and dark green pants.

His eyes glow with a yellow hue when he uses his powers, and his speech and thought bubbles appear a pale red color.


Blyke is a normal teenager (by this universe's standards) who, unless angered, mostly minds his own business. He is also open and straight-forward, traits Seraphina praises. To his friends, he is loyal, protective, and even empathetic as shown when he expressed concern over Remi after her brother died. Similarly, he takes his duties as a Royal very seriously, not even requesting being called back when losing a battle. Like Remi, Blyke is never one to interfere with the business of lower tiers and had never attacked John before he slapped Remi. His only negative trait appears to be his temper, being rather quick to anger, especially early on in the story.

While Blyke initially had a simple-minded view of the world, this began to change as the story progressed. After seeing firsthand how the low-tier residents in Branish lived, Blyke began to harbor doubts against society, believing that nobody should be treated in that way.[2] He even went as far as trying to get on better terms with John (his roommate and supposed Cripple). Later on, he learns from Arlo that not everyone takes to treating others with basic human dignity so quickly, and would oppress the weak at the first opportunity, which tempers Blyke's outlook yet again.[3] The example he is currently trying to set seems to be based on both Remi's and Arlo's leadership styles. Blyke still earnestly strives to make the school's environment safe for his peers, and even deals with some Fake Jokers with a degree of compassion.[4] However, he has nothing but contempt for anyone who is unjustly cruel, and would not hesitate to give them a taste of their own medicine.

After the Royals were all crushed by Joker, Blyke began to doubt his own abilities following several losses against powerful opponents. Despite this, Blyke refused to give up in the face of the difference in strength, instead resolving to get stronger by any means necessary. However, this caused him to resort to potentially dangerous vigilante work as a way of getting strong quick. He knows from experience that he's risking his life with this course of action, but also believes that circumstances have left him with no other choice but to go through with it anyway. And, after spending a couple weeks as a vigilante, he has been able to utilize his ability in new ways and level up, meaning he is now a High-Tier.

Recently, after a recent superhero outing with another vigilante, he has been sticking up for his lower tier classmates, even going so far as to stand up to John in order to get them out of harm's way. However, he doesn't believe he can take much more, and has been contemplating using the ability amplifiers he got from one of the criminals he took down, resolving to protect his friends no matter what.

Bonus Episodes

Hot Chocolate

Isen asks Blyke if he would like any hot chocolate. When Blyke says he would, Isen tells him to go make it himself, much to Blyke's irritation.[5]

Levels and Tiers

Blyke is used as a comparison to Krolik in uru-chan's lesson on tiers and levels. Later, he is seen playing cards with Remi and Isen while uru-chan explains abilities.[6]

Powers & Abilities

Energy Discharge: Blyke is capable of discharging red colored energy from his hands. This energy seems to be more kinetic than thermal, capable of punching holes in things rather than burning them. Offensively, he can use his ability to fire continuous laser beams[7] with deadly precision, or volley powerful blasts of energy. He can also fire a hybrid of the two, and these have extreme propulsive power, being able to hurl John out of a window from a large distance. He acquired the latter two powers after his vigilante training. Defensively, he can enhance his speed and evasion by using the energy to propel himself.[8] He can also throw smaller bursts as explosives, though he uses this ability more for distractions than actual attack. Thanks to the long-ranged capabilities of his ability, Blyke is more than capable of sniping opponents from afar without the aid of scopes or other vision-enhancing gear. After losing his battle against the Joker, Blyke practiced with his Energy Beam to the point where he could shoot beams from three of his fingers. His vigilante fights further improved his ability to the point where he can shoot highly-concentrated beams from eight of his fingers and repel objects with an energy pulse. He is the sixth most powerful student in Wellston and the former Jack on the Turf Wars roster as well as the next King after Arlo graduates.

As a vigilante, Blyke's discovers new ways to utilize his ability, and his overall mastery over the ability increases. As of Chapter 199, Blyke is currently a high-tier with a level of 5.0, though he has yet to exhibit a passive ability.

During his first year, Blyke was lower elite-tier with an ability level of 3.6, making him extremely strong for a first year.

Physical Abilities

Physically, Blyke is shown to be extremely resilient, capable of staying conscious after getting punched in the face and getting up after being sent flying through a wall.[7] He is capable of some basic hand-to-hand combat as shown when he fought Joker.[9] Most recently, he has been able to heal very fast, being able to use his arm after it got sliced up by Lennon's disks within minutes.


Despite his tendency to act impulsively, Blyke is actually very intelligent. Academically, he is a model student who pays attention during lessons and does well in schoolwork and exams as a result.[10] He was also able to piece together the identity of the masked Joker who was running amok in Wellston High, and realized that Isen had known who it was before anybody else did as well.[11][12]

However, Blyke's aforementioned impulsiveness gets the better of him more often than not. The calm, collected thinking he's capable of is never his first course of action, as he prefers to power through problems with brute force. This direct approach to life's problems gets him into trouble, as even his sound strategy to fight Joker without activating his ability fell through when Joker came prepared for such a contingency.[9] As a result, he usually only takes the time to give problems thought after he fails to resolve them quickly. Blyke recognizes his short-sightedness as a weakness, showing he is capable of learning from his mistakes. This sets him apart from his best friend Isen. While Blyke is smarter academically, Isen is more savvy when it comes to dealing with people and the volatile situations they can cause.


  • (On Isen nearly getting run over by a truck) "You gotta look both ways, idiot!" [13]
  • (In response to Isen's incredulity of Remi's code names) "Shut up, Orange!"[2]
  • (To Isen telling him to look at a building) "I can't see through walls dude..."[14]
  • (On the subject of low vs high-tiers) "This isn't right." [15]

Notes & Trivia

  • The Energy Beam technique used by Blyke is inspired by the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.[16]
  • Blyke was a big fan of the Dragon Ball Series as a child.[5]
  • On Wellston's list of the Top Ten Strongest Students, Blyke ranked 6th. It is unknown whether he has ascended in this list after his level increase. [17]

Blyke with John's "helmet."

  • Fans of unORDINARY noted that Blyke's appearance is similar to an un-gelled John. Uru-chan has joked about this and gave Blyke John's "helmet" on her Twitter.
  • Blyke likes to listen to chillstep and classical music, as well as motivational music. [18]
  • Prior to Chapter 199, Blyke was an Elite tier with the ability Energy Beam of level 4.5.
  • As of Chapter 199, Blyke's ability is now called "Energy Discharge", possibly due to the fact that he has learnt to manipulate it in ways other than energy beams.
  • As of Chapter 199, Blyke is officially a High-Tier, since his level increased to 5.0 due to him gaining greater mastery. However, unlike other high-tiers, it isn't exactly clear how his ability functions passively yet.
  • Blyke is the first, and as of now, only character whose level increased during the series.
  • After his level changed from 4.5 to 5.0, all of his stats except Power received an increase.
  • He is one of the six high-tiers of Wellston, including himself, Cecile, Remi, Arlo, Seraphina(before her ability loss) and John.
  • According to Uru-chan, his height is 5'10"(178 cm).



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