The Beginning Arc is the first story arc in unORDINARY and consists of the chapters from the Prologue to Chapter 7

It began on 24th May 2016 and ended on 28th June 2016.


Wellston Private High School is a presitigous school where everyone is gifted with a superhuman ability...well, everyone except one. Unfortunately for the protagonist, John Doe, the only powerless student in the entire school, must not only contend with the usual academics that is offered by high school but also deal with super-powered bullies who just love to target him!

List of Chapters

UnOrdinary Prologue
24th May, 2016
Two years ago, John Doe's father wrote a very special book. A book that set off a chain of events and changed the world into something... unOrdinary.

UnOrdinary Ch1
Chapter 1
24th May, 2016
John Doe, a student of the prestigious Wellston Private High School, faces the average challenges of someone in his position: homework, tests, boring classes... and being killed by his classmates.

UnOrdinary Ch2
Chapter 2
24th May, 2016
Even a trip to the bathroom can be dangerous for John, especially when he steps in to protect someone from Gavin, a dangerous bully.

UnOrdinary Ch3
Chapter 3
31st May, 2016
Even though he doesn't have an ability, no one should ever underestimate John's tactical thinking and wit... Something Gavin learns too late.

UnOrdinary Ch4
Chapter 4
7th June, 2016
Doctor Darren is not happy to see John back in the school infirmary. He is even less happy to see John's best friend, Seraphina, who has come to keep him company.

UnOrdinary Ch5
Chapter 5
14th June, 2016
John has better things to do than wait in the infirmary all day, so he takes the chance to escape with Seraphina when the doctor is distracted.

UnOrdinary Ch6
Chapter 6
21st June, 2016
John and Seraphina go to Woaba Boba and watch the news about recent attacks by EMBER, a dangerous criminal syndicate targeting superheroes.

UnOrdinary Ch7
Chapter 7
28th June, 2016
John's first day at Wellston High takes a dramatic downwards turn after his classmates discover he has no ability.

Characters Introduced

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

Abilities Introduced

Abilities introduced in this arc in the order of introduction


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