Barrier is a very powerful ability that allows its user to generate near impenetrable barriers.


As its name implies, Barrier allows its user to create translucent force-fields capable of blocking attacks. It is one of the strongest defensive abilities shown in unORDINARY thanks to the nigh-impregnability of these force-fields. However, unlike traditional force-fields, Barrier has the special property of reflecting damage, granting the ability a surprising amount of offensive capabilities.


  • Force Field: The main ability, allowing users to instantly create dome-shaped Barriers (after which the ability is named). They are translucent but tinged with the user's signature colour.[1] These barriers are capable of blocking attacks.
  • Damage Reflection: The primary offensive capability of this ability. Barriers cause attackers to take reflective damage by injuring them proportionate to how much force they hit a Barrier with.
  • Invulnerability: In high-tiers, Barrier manifests passively by giving high-tiers physical invulnerability. Not only can Arlo shake off a punch straight to the face, but he apparently feels no pain. John has commented that Arlo's jaw feels like steel. Furthermore, Arlo has shown that his durability can wisthstand ability-based attacks as shown during his battle against John.[2]
  • Barrier Immunity: Users of this ability can also walk through the barriers as if they were intangible.[3]
  • Force-Field Manipulation: Arlo has displayed that he can manipulate the size of his Barriers at will. This allows him to create larger force-fields to protect allies or shrink his barriers to crush foes from within.
  • Enhanced Strength: Arlo has shown that his physical strength is considerably higher than normal, and was capable of overpowering Isen, who is capable of stopping a semi-truck with his bare hands, without breaking a sweat. Uru-chan has stated in her fireside chat that Arlo is capable of withstanding a blow from a massive moving vehicle.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The Barrier ability is the pinnacle of defensive abilities in unORDINARY as it is not unbreakable and can cause damage without the user having to physically do anything. Thanks to the versatility of Barrier, users can not only defend themselves and inflict damage by reflecting attacks, but users can also trap their opponents in nigh unbreakable force-fields and can resize said force-fields at will.

However, these Barriers are not unbreakable and breaking a Barrier can injure the user.[4] It also should be noted that a user can safely break another user's Barrier by blocking all reflective damage as shown when John broke Arlo's Barrier.[5]. Furthermore, users have been shown using one barrier at a time.


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