Aura Manipulation is a powerful ability that allows its users to read, enhance, and copy aura.


Aura Manipulation grants the user the ability to manipulate their own aura to copy one's ability as well as combine multiple abilities to unlock new variations and attacks.


  • Ability Replication: By sampling the aura of another active ability user, users of Aura Manipulation are capable of mirroring another ability and use all techniques associated with said ability. The more complex the ability, the more difficult it will be to imitate.[1]
  • Multi-Power Usage: Whenever users of Aura Manipulation copy multiple abilities, they are capable of using them simultaneously. However, there appears to be a limit to this, as shown when John was unable to use Barrier during his final battle against the Wellston Royals.
  • Ability Combining: Users of Aura Manipulation can combine attributes of multiple abilities to create powerful attacks.
    • Wind Blades: By combining the abilities Whirlwind and Demon Claw, John can throw fast-moving blades of air sharp enough to leave deep cuts in human flesh. While the attack does appear to be a wind-based, Meili stated that such an attack is not a part of Ventus's kit.[2]
    • Whirlwind Claw: By combining the abilities Whirlwind and Demon Claw, John can increase his Demon Claw's strength by surrounding it with a small funnel of wind.[3]
    • Explosive Missile: By combining the abilities Missiles and Explosion, John can shoot a self-propelling projectile that erupts violently on impact.[4]
    • Missile Punch: By combining the abilities Missiles and Hunter, John can punch an opponent with a missile generated in-hand and then launch said missile to send foes flying.[4]
    • Homing Shock Beams: By combining the abilities Lightning, Energy Beam, and Hunter, John can shoot numerous lightning-enhanced energy beams that home in on their targets. Not only can these beams deal massive amounts of damage, but they can also shock foes.[5]
  • Aura Reading: Thanks to his ability's passive effect, John can naturally sense auras from activated abilities. Not only can John use this passive without activating his ability, but he can also detect the intensity of auras and even sense those using their ability for stealth purposes. This was first shown when he sensed and detected the invisible assailant following him and Seraphina.[6] The second time was when he sensed Elaine's aura getting weaker than usual.[7]
  • Ability Amping: By altering the aura flow within his body, John can increase the intensity of a copied ability. This allows John to have access a boosted version of the copied ability and grants him more destructive power overall.

Strengths and Limitations

Unlike most abilities, which already have set strengths and weaknesses, the strengths and weaknesses of Aura Manipulation vary extensively; whenever an Aura Manipulation user copies an ability, they gain all the advantages and disadvantages of the copied ability. With intensive practice, Aura Manipulation users can also manipulate their natrual aura flow and increase the intensity of a copied ability that surpasses the power of its original users, as shown with John’s Demon Claw and Whirlwind,[2] his Healing,[8] and his Energy Beam, an ability which Blyke has yet to completely master.[9] Like all high-tier abilities, Aura Manipulation possesses a passive effect in the form of Aura Reading; similar to how Lightning users can detect electrical currents, Aura Reading allows the Aura Manipulation user to sense whenever abilities are being used near them, even through walls.[10] This makes it impossible for anyone who relies on their ability for stealth to sneak up on them; at least while in the range limit.

Besides copying and boosting abilities, Aura Manipulation can copy and combine multiple abilities at once. Copying multiple abilities allows Aura Manipulation users to use multiple abilities simultaneously and perform numerous combination attacks that are impossible with one ability. Thanks to its versatility Aura Manipulation can easily compensate for the weakness of one ability with the strengths of another ability.

Despite the versatility and nigh-unlimited potential Aura Manipulation possesses, Aura Manipulation users at least requires another ability to be active in order to sample another's aura and requires the Aura Manipulation user to possess knowledge over ability fundamentals to maximize their power[11]; Aura Manipulation users cannot copy abilities via passives alone.[3] Any abilities used outside of Aura Manipulation's sensory range cannot be sensed nor copied.[12] At their weakest, the users of Aura Manipulation are essentially powerless cripples until an ability is available to be copied. It is also shown that users attain the downsides of copied abilities, as shown when Seraphina's kidnappers rammed a van into John's Barrier, causing him to reel in pain.[13] In addition to copying abilities, Aura Manipulation copies the stats of the ability's original user as well, making John's stats entirely dependent on who he copies his abilities from.

All copied abilities are also temporary and when deactivating his ability, John will lose all copied abilities; this is best shown when comparing John's stats during his battle against Arlo and his stats during his battle against Zeke. There are also abilities that cannot be copied due to lack of physical feedback such as Juni's Flash Forward.[14], and there also appears to be a limit on how many abilities that a user can copy; in Chapter 155, despite Arlo activating his ability, John never used Barrier throughout the duration against his battle against the Wellston Royals, implying that he can only copy four abilities at a time, or cannot copy as many high-leveled abilities. Furthermore, Chapter 155 also shows that John cannot simply discard an ability in order to copy a new one to replace it; to remove any copied abilities, John must deactivate his own ability, discarding all copied abilities.[15]


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Notes & Trivia

Ability Mimicry, as it appears on Line Webtoon's Fast Pass ad.

  • Aura Manipulation is the first instance of an ability with multiple auras of different colours. The aura of the ability itself matches the colour of the John's glowing eyes, while the replicated abilities and constructs associated with the ability matches the colour of the John's hair.

Joker's theorized stats in Chapter 154, made by Avathy.

  • During UnORDINARYs conception, John was going to remain powerless throughout the story, but after Chapter 2, Uru-chan began to plan for John's powers.
  • Before John's ability was revealed to be Aura Manipulation, Ability Mimicry was used as a placeholder name for John's unnamed ability. Before revealing the ability's true name in Chapter 148, the name Ability Mimicry was used in a Fast Pass ad.
  • Despite what John's perspective appears to indicate, aura isn't actually visible to high-tier users of this ability. Rather, the Aura Reading passive utilizes one of the other senses.[16]



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