Alana is a minor antagonist of unORDINARY and a criminal hailing from Lewes. She is associated with the mysterious and villainous Volcan.

Appearance Edit

Alana is a mid-tier found in the town of Lewes. She is a woman with blonde shoulder-length hair and bright green eyes. Alana is seen wearing a faded orange t-shirt and dark green pants.

Personality Edit

Like most mid-tiers, Alana respects and follows people stronger than herself, however she become more confident once her powers boosted giving her the mindset and power of an elite tier.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Fortify: Alana has the ability of Fortify, giving her increased strength, defense and speed. She was originally 2.7 level which later increased to 4.1 after the injection from Volcan.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Alana is first character to die in-panel, as most deaths occurred off-panel.

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