Team Agwin

Agwin High School is a school in the unORDINARY series and the second highest ranking school in the region. They are also participants in Turf Wars.


Very little is known about Agwin High School except that it is a high school with powerful students and is a Turf Wars participant. Agwin is also the second highest ranking school in the region, surpassed only by Wellston Private High School.[1]


Being the second highest ranking school in the region, Agwin is no slouch in the student department with some being able to go toe-to-toe with Wellston's finest. [2]


Agwin’s uniform seems to have a white collar shirt with a brown jacket on top. Both have a red tie to go through the collar. Females wear a dark brown skirt and male wear dark brown jeans.

Turf Wars

Like Wellston, Agwin also participates in Turf Wars.


  • King: Broven (implied) - Veteran member, part of Team Agwin in previous Turf Wars
  • Queen: Rein - Newest member
  • Jack: Gou
  • Healer: Unnamed



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