Aftermath is the tenth story arc in unORDINARY. It begins on Chapter 59 and ends on Chapter 66

It began on 17th August, 2017 and ended on 5th October 2017


In the aftermath of John's fight with Arlo, several new players have entered the field. Cecile, the embittered ex-Queen of Wellston who now runs the school newspaper, seems to know about what happened, and Arlo and Remi confront her. Arlo learns the identity of a mysterious informant who is spreading information about Remi and him in the newspaper. But most importantly, W. H. Doe, John's mysterious father, finally arrives in Wellston to pay his son and Seraphina a visit.

List of Chapters

UnOrdinary Ch 59
Chapter 59
17th August, 2017
As a new day at Wellston begins, the staff and students alike are rushing to find the answers to the ever-growing issues and mysteries that plague the school.

UnOrdinary Ch 60
Chapter 60
24th August, 2017
Remi confronts the embittered Cecile in the press room to find out more about the anonymous writer who spread misinformation about her and must come to terms with the tension in the social hierarchy of Wellston as well as learn more about her brother's reign as King.

UnOrdinary Ch 61
Chapter 61
31st August, 2017
Isen tries to keep John calm for the remainder of Seraphina's suspension. In the park, Arlo and Remi meet up to discuss everything that has happened over the past few days, including whoever has been following them.

UnOrdinary Ch 62
Chapter 62
7th September, 2017
Isen watches the tension between Arlo and John grow with fear and excitement. Meanwhile, W.H. Doe finally arrives in Wellston to pay his son a visit, but risks revealing John's secret to Seraphina.

UnOrdinary Ch 63
Chapter 63
14th September, 2017
John explains why he is "playing cripple" to his father.

UnOrdinary Ch 64
Chapter 64
21st September, 2017
John, William H. Doe and Seraphina play poker and Seraphina learns something important about life.

UnOrdinary Ch 65
Chapter 65
28th September, 2017
John leaves for school, Arlo pays a visit to Cecile, and William tells Seraphina about the inspiration for his creation.

UnOrdinary Ch 66
Chapter 66
5th October, 2017
William bids farewell to his son and Seraphina. Meanwhile, the authorities arrive at Seraphina's home...

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  1. Chapter 59
  2. Chapter 62
  3. 3.0 3.1 Chapter 66
  4. Chapter 60


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