Abel is an elite-tier student of Wellston Private High School and can normally be found on the school's rooftops.


Abel is a male student with peacan-brown hair and tortilla-brown eyes. He is normally seen wearing the Wellston school uniform sans the vest.

His speech bubbles are in the same colour as his hair, and while his ability is active, his eyes glow, and his body is surrounded by a reddish aura.

Personality Edit

Like many students at Wellston, Abel follows the school hierarchy, especially when it comes to restricted areas; nicknamed "Rooftop Guy" due to how he monopolizes the place. He also looks down on low-tiers and shows no hesitation to use violence against them, even claiming they should be grateful when he lets them off with just a warning. Overall, he comes off as being very arrogant.

Despite his aggressive behavior, after the appearance of the Jokers, Adel recognized that the violence of the higher-tiers towards the lower-tiers is what drove their actions. He thus agreed to try to not act as aggressively towards them.

Plot Edit

Change Edit

While John and Seraphina were practicing self-defense on the rooftop, Abel commanded the two cripples to leave. Though Seraphina and John reluctantly agreed to step off the roof, John gave Abel an evil glare before leaving.[1]

Capture Edit

In his desperation to find Seraphina, John ran up to the rooftop in order to get a vantage points, but shortly afterwards, Abel came up and was not happy to see a cripple on the rooftop. Abel commanded John to get off, but John did not comply until Abel used his ability to knock John into the stairway. John tried to convice Abel to let him on the rooftop, but the elite-tier refused and forced John to leave.[2]

Shortly afterwards, a masked attacker went up to the rooftop, and Abel told him to leave as well. However, the attacker shot a few projetiles, forcing Abel to use Explosion. The attacker somehow managed to mirror Explosion, and Abel beaten until unconscious.[3][4]

Joker Edit

An unconscious Abel was found by Blyke and Remi. He told the royals about his encounter with the masked attacker and was escorted to the infirmary.[4]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Abel's stats.
  • Abel's Explosion.
  • John struck by Abel's Explosion.
  • Abel's aura and glowing eyes while his ability is active.

Explosion: Abel's ability, Explosion allows him to create powerful explosions that are capable of knocking people off their feet. As an elite-tier, Abel is considered to be a powerful student.


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